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TopBids Inc. at this time wants to inform our valued members that we will be idling down the auction site for user and function improvements immediately. 

With the state of the economy and COVID-19 still not under control, it has put extreme pressure on TopBids to provide the inventory for the members to purchase or sell on the platform. With New Car Manufacturing behind in months of production and vehicle allocation supply to the dealer body at an all-time low, we do not see the inventory levels changing anytime soon. 


We are committed to provide the most up to date platform for our users. We are making exciting changes to our platform and business model to provide a variety of options for our members to purchase or sell in several different ways that other platforms do not offer. TopBids will keep all our members well informed with the changes as we move forward.


All members accounts will be turned off and all account information will be securely stored. We have suspended all member monthly credit card fees. When we re-open for business, your accounts will be easily re-activated. 


I personally want to thank everyone that showed faith in our company. We look forward to the re-launch with a new and exciting platform.


Please stay safe and get vaccinated when they allow you to do so. 


- Dave Welsh, President & CEO


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